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 Fame Drive You Crazy?

     Although being famous might sound like adream come true, today’s star, feeling like zoo animals, face pressures thatfew of us 1) _______ imagine. They are at the center of much of the     world’sattention. Paparazzi (狗仔队) camp 2) _________ their homes, cameras ready. Tabloids (小报) publish 3) ___________(thrill)stories about their personal lives. Just imagine not being able to do anything 4)___________ being photographed or interrupted for a signature.

    According to psychologist ChristinaVillarreal, celebrities — famous people — worry constantly about 5) ________public appearance. Eventually, they start to lose track of 6) ________ theyreally are, seeing themselves the way their fans imagine them, not as thepeople they were 7) _________ everyone knew their names. “Over time,” Villarealsays, “they feel separated and alone.”

    The phenomenon of tracking celebrities 8)_________(be) around for ages. In the 4th century B.C., painters followed Alexanderthe Great into battle, 9) _________ (hope) to picture his victories for hisadmirers. When Charles Dickens visited America in the 19th century, hissold-out readings attracted thousands of fans, leading him 10)____________(complain) about his lack of privacy.

Being a public figure today, however, is alot more difficult 11) ________ it used to be. Superstars cannot move aboutwithout worrying about photographers with modern cameras. 12) __________theysay something silly or do something ridiculous, there is always the Internet tospread the news in minutes and keep their “story” alive forever.


Mantis 螳螂 Giraffe 长颈鹿 Chimpanzees 黑猩猩 Hedgehog 刺猬 Rhinoceros 犀牛 Hippopotamus 河马 Tortoise 乌龟 Peacock (雄)孔雀 Crane  Penguin 企鹅 Ostrich 鸵鸟 adder viper 蝰蛇 albatross 信天翁 alligator 短吻鳄 美洲鳄 alpaca 羊驼 anteater 食蚁兽 antilope 羚羊 badger bison 美洲野牛 caterpillar 毛虫 cobra 眼镜蛇 scorpion 蝎子 tortoise 玳瑁 cricket 蟋蟀 

eel 鳗鱼 hog 阉猪 肥猪ladybird 瓢虫 lizard 蜥蜴 robin 知更鸟 mare 雌马 sardine 沙丁鱼 

    Current research into the human gene systemis helping us understand 1________people have predispositions(易患某病倾向) to certain diseases.2________ (know) our genetic makeup can help us to judge whether or not we may3__________(strike) by particular illness, such as cancer. Even before birth,we are able to do genetic screenings to determine what a child's geneticdisorder will be. Scientists have already isolated and identified the genesresponsible for the more than 4,000 genetic diseases that affect human beings.

The implications of this knowledge are4__________(astonish). 5________ predicting genetic predisposition towardsdiseases, gene therapies may provide new treatments or cures for seriousdiseases. Millions of people already use genetically engineered drugs to treatheart disease, cancer, AIDS, and strokes(中风). But with the research that 6__________(conduct) now, we may findcures to many more diseases. In the near future, genetic experimentation willalso allow parents to select the traits of their children. Genetic traits thatdetermine height, weight, eye and hair color will be able to be controlled, andmany parents are excited about this potential.

Many people, 7________ , are unwilling toaccept the possibilities genetic research.. For example, one reason some womendo not use the largest genetic testing for breast cancer is because they areafraid they will be discriminated 8________. Another problem is that manypeople do not want to discover their weakness. What if they learn that theyhave a disease for which there are 9___________ medical cures? How will suchknowledge affect their lives? Do people really want to know what they will dieof?

Many people believe that history has notalways shown human decision-making to be bright 10__________ it comes toethical(道德的)choices.Jeremy Rifkin is probably the most well known opponent of genetic engineering.He believes that humans are not responsible enough to experiment with genes andshould not "play God" He asks, "Just because it can be done,does that mean it 11_________ be done?" He points out that our societywill eventually look and act the same if parents select the traits of theirchildren, and he questions the desirability of such 12__________ society.

1. 贫穷的:poor = needy = impoverished = poverty-stricken
2. 富裕的:rich =wealthy = affluent = well-to-do = well-off
3. 优秀的:excellent= eminent = top = outstanding
4. 流行的: popular =prevailing = prevalent= pervasive
5. 消极的,必博国际:不良的:bad =detrimental= baneful =undesirable
6. 明显的:obvious =apparent = evident =manifest
7. 健康的: healthy =robust = sound = wholesome
8. 惊人的:surprising= amazing = extraordinary = miraculous
9. 美丽的:beautiful= attractive = gorgeous = eye-catching
10. 有活力的:energetic= dynamic = vigorous =animated

     Paris, the capital and the largest city ofthe country, is in north central France. The Paris metropolitan area containsnearly 20% of the nation’s population and is the economic, cultural, andpolitical center of France. The French government has historically favored thecity 1______ the site for all decision making, thus powerfully 2_______(attract)  nearly all of the nation’sactivities.

Paris has grown steadily 3________ it waschosen as the national capital in the late 10th century. With the introductionof the Industrial Revolution, a great number of people 4________(move) to thecity from the country during the 19th century. The migration was especiallystimulated by the construction of railroads, 5_______ provided easy access6_______ the capital. After World War II more and more immigrants arrived.

The city is the centralized control pointof most national radio and television broadcasting. It is a place ofpublication of the most prestigious (有威望的) newspapers and magazines and an international book publishingcenter. With more than 100 museums, Paris has truly one of the greatestconcentrations of art treasures in the world. The Louvre, 7________ (open) as amuseum in 1793, is one of the largest museums in the world.

     In the late 1980s about 4.1 million pupilsannually attended about 47,000 elementary schools, 8______ _______, about 5.4million students attended some 11,200 secondary schools. Approximately 1.2million students were enrolled annually at universities and colleges in Francein the late 1980s. French centers of learning have served as academic models 9_________theworld.

    Paris is the leading industrial center ofFrance, with about one quarter of the nation’s manufacturing concentrated inthe metropolitan area. Industries of consumer goods have always been drawn toParis by the enormous market of the big population; and modern, high-technologyindustries also 10________(become) numerous since World War II. Chiefmanufactures are machinery, automobiles, chemicals and electrical equipment.



    It happened to me recently. I was tellingsomeone how much I had enjoyed reading Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father and1)______ it had changed my views of our President. A friend I was talking to agreedwith me that it was, in his words, “a brilliantly (精彩地)written book”. However, he thenwent on to talk about Mr. Obama in a way which suggested he had 2) ______  idea of his background at all. I sensed that Iwas talking to a book liar.

And 3) ________ seems that my friend is notthe only one. Approximately two thirds of people 4)__________(lie) aboutreading a book which they haven’t. In the World Book Day’s “Report on GuiltySecrets”, Dreams From My Father is at number 9. The report lists ten books, andvarious authors, 5) __________ people have lied about reading, and as I’m notone to lie too often (I’d hate to be caught out), I’ll admit here and now thatI haven’t read the entire top ten. 6)_________ I am pleased to say that, unlike42 percent of people, I have read the book at number one, George Orwell’s 1984.I think it’s really brilliant.

The World Book Day report also has someother interesting information in 7)_________. It says that many people lieabout having read Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky (I haven’tread him, but haven’t lied about it either).

     Asked 8)__________ they lied, the mostcommon reason was to “impress” someone they were speaking to. This 9)________be tricky if the conversation became more in–depth!

    But when asked which authors they actuallyenjoy, people named J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Sophie Kinsella (ah, the bigsellers, in other words). Forty-two percent of people asked admitted theyturned to the back of the book to read the end 10)________ finishing the story(I’ll come clean: I do this and am astonished that 58 percent said they hadnever done so).


   Given that many people's moods (情绪)are regulated by the    chemicalaction of chocolate, 1)_________ was probably only a matter of time beforesomebody made the chocolate shop similar to a drugstore of Chinese medicine. 2)_________(look)like a setting from the film Charlie &the Chocolate Factory, Singapore'sChocolate Research Facility (CRF) has over 100 varieties of chocolates. Itsfounder is Chris Lee who grew up at his parents' comer store 3)________ onehand almost always in the jar of sweets.

   If the CRF seems to be a smart idea, that's4)__________ Lee is not merely a seasoned salesperson but also head of amarketing department that has business relations with big names 5)______ ______Levi's and Sony. That idea surely results in the imagination at work when itcomes to making different flavored(味道)chocolates.

    The CRF's produce is "green", 6)________(make)within the country and divided into 10 lines, with the Alcohol Series 7)________(be)the most popular. The Exotic Serieswith Sichuan pepper, red bean (), cheese and other flavorsalso does well and is fun to taste. And for chocolate fanswho think that they have a 8)______(good)knowledge of chocolate than others, the Connoisseur Series uses cocoa beansfrom Togo, Cuba, Venezuela , and Ghana, among others.



Tail Spin

   Two dolphins race around in a big pool inthe Ocean Park. The 1)________(small) dolphin Grace, showed off a few of hertricks, turning around and waving hello to the crowd. The most amazing thingabout her, 2)_________, is that she’s even swimming at all. She doesn’t have atail.

   Grace lost her tail as a baby 3) _________she got caught up in a fish trap.

   When the dolphin arrived at the Ocean Parkin December 2005, she4)__________(fight)  for her life. “Is she going to make it?” Hertrainer, Abbey Stone, feared the worst. Grace did make 5)_________— but hertail didn’t. She ended up 6) ________(lose) her flukes and the lower part ofher peduncle.

   Over the past six years, she has learned toswim 7)_________ her tail. Dolphins swim by moving their flukes and peduncle upand down. The movement put 8) _________(harm) pressure on Grace’s backbone. Soa company offered to create a man-made tail for her. The tail 9) __________ bestrong enough to stay on Grace as she swam but soft enough that it wouldn’thurt her.

   The first time Grace wore the artificialtail. She soon shook it off 10________ let it sink in the bottom of the pool. Now, she is stilllearning to use the tail. Some days she wears it for an hour at a time, othersnot at all. “The tail isn’t necessary for her 11) __________(feel)comfortable,” says Stone, “but it helps to keep that range of motion(动作) and build muscles(肌肉).”

   Now, the dolphin is about to get an evenhappier ending. This month, Grace will star in Dolphin Tale, 12)________filmthat focuses on her rescue and recovery. Her progress has inspired more thanjust a new movie. Many people travel from near and far to meet her. SeeingGrace swim with her man-made tail gives people 13)______ much courage.



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